Renew your ride and give it a personal touch.

Give your vehicle a showroom finish with our paint enhancement polish or correction packages and add some accents with a roof vinyl wrap, chrome delete, exterior colour change or interior trim vinyl wrap to personalize your ride.



Paint Enhancement Polish or Paint Correction

Revive your vehicle's paintwork with a Paint Enhancement Polish or start fresh with Paint Correction to remove the majority of contaminants causing paintwork to dull and look faded.


Our Polishing is a minimum 1-2 stages while our Correction process is 1-2 steps of compounding and an additional 1-2 stages of polishing.

Starting from $300

Paint Enhancement Polish
  • Prep vehicle & Hand wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment & Decontamination Tape Trims (Whole vehicle)

  • 1 -2 Steps of Polishing

Starting from $125

Spot Defect/Scratch Correction 
  • Prep area & Hand wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment & Decontamination

  • Tape surrounding trims

  • 1 -2 Steps of Wet sanding

  • 1 -2 Steps of Correction

  • 1 -2 Steps of Polishing

Starting from $450

Paint Correction 

Prep vehicle & Hand wash

Clay Bar Treatment & Decontamination

Tape Trims (Whole vehicle)

1 -2 Steps of Compounding

1 -2 Steps of Polishing

Switch styles or personalize.

Learn about Vinyl Wraps

Change your vehicle's appearance with vinyl wraps with a full vehicle colour change or a dechrome vinyl package. We can also transform your vehicle's look to a sportier version with our black out package for roofs, spoilers and other accents such as logos and emblems.



Window Tints Ceramic & Carbon

Whether it's style, privacy for your vehicle's interior or protection for you and your vehicle's interior against harmful UV rays, we offer Carbon and Ceramic Window Tints. 

About Wheel or Brake Repair / Refinish

Restyle, Refinish and Repair

We offer Wheel & Caliper repainting and wheel curb damage repairs. For Tesla owners, we can replicate the Performance model look to the tee using measured decal graphics or just change the dull look of your calipers to a range of colours to help accent the vehicle's look. Wheel curb repairs available for unexpected mistakes when parking.