About Ceramic Coating

Apply once and enjoy a waxed-look after every wash.

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that uses silica nano-particles to bond with your vehicle's clear coat. When applied, it creates a hard glossy shell that does not wear off like wax or sealants. Your vehicle's clear coat becomes self-cleaning, glossier, resistant to chemicals and harder than your original clear coat which helps protect against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird dropping etching and harmful UV rays. Washing your car becomes a breeze and it takes less time and less products to clean, leaving you with a waxed look after every wash without the painful hours spent on application as it is only applied once.

Get The Most out of Ceramic Coating Packages


Let's take a closer look at our Professional Services. Choose from our paint protection options for your vehicle's paintwork and bumper. From the ultimate protection against rock chips and road debris, to the steep driveways and parking lot curbs, we've got you covered.


Nanolex Si3D (2 Yr Durability) 

Our entry-level ceramic coating offering that provides superb hydrophobicity and increased hardness providing outstanding durability.

Starting from $499


Nanolex Si3D Max (3 Yr Durability)

Our mid-tier ceramic coating from Germany. This mixture provides greater hydrophobicity effect and a deeper gloss effect.

Starting from $650


Wheel / Window / Interior Coatings 

Easily the best way to experience the benefits of ceramic coating. Creates an easier experience to clean brake dust, prevent stains from spills in interiors and a safer way to drive during the rainy days.

Starting from $199


System X Pro (6 Yr Durability) 

Mid-tier ceramic coating that passed Boeing approval testing. a semi-permanent 9H self-cleaning ceramic coating providing high gloss.

Starting from $999


System X Diamond SS (Lifetime Warranty) 

Featuring the "Super Slick" property, this premium coating provides previously unachievable gloss, slickness and hydrophobic properties.

Starting from $1,299


System X Max (Lifetime Warranty) 

First of its kind, this premium ceramic coating is more durable and environmentally resistant from things like water spots. Featuring a tougher shell up to 4x thicker, 2x stronger and 2x more durable than previous coatings.

Starting from $1,599