Auto Detailing 101: Car Detailing for Beginners

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

What is Auto Detailing?

What does it really mean to get your car “detailed?” 

Many assume “getting your car detailed” refers to a quick car wash at a nearby auto shop. Auto detailing is so much more than just a deep clean for your car, and the techs here at Wetwerks Auto Spa are here to share with you everything you need to know about car detailing today. 

Cars, like any large investment, require proper care. Regular upkeep and maintenance with scheduled auto detailing can help preserve the value of your car. Whether it’s your first time booking an auto detailing appointment, or perhaps you’re wondering about the best auto spa options in Vancouver for your next detailing, we’re here to help.

Who Should Have Their Car Detailed?

While everyone benefits from professional detailing, auto detailing is crucial in protecting the value of your car. Whether you’re a Nissan GT- R collector, an eco-friendly Tesla driver, or a luxury Koenigsegg enthusiast, car detailing can help you bring back and maintain that new car feeling. Regular car detailing protects the durability of ceramic coatings and  PPF.

Professional Auto Detailing vs. Automatic Car Washes

Using an automatic car wash is harmful to the paint of your car. Experienced, professional auto detailers, like our techs here at Wetwerks Auto Spa Vancouver, will be the first to tell you that auto car wash brushes are way too abrasive for your vehicle. Improper brushes used on your car’s paintwork can leave micro scratch marks and damage the surface of your car. Improper washing can lead to what we call “swirl marks” (micro scratches) or spider webs on your car’s paint surface. 

Professional auto detailers use the two bucket method