Windshield Coatings: Do You Need Your Windows Coated?

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

In the world of auto detailing, the attention is often focused on protecting the appearance of the vehicle and preserving the showroom shine. Ceramic coatings boast hydrophobic and protective qualities to protect your vehicle's paint, but did you know ceramic coatings can and should be applied to your windows.

When applied correctly, ceramic coated windows help to repel water and prevent stains on your glass surface for improved visibility. Clean windows and an unobstructed view are essential in safe driving.

Keeping the windows clear and staying warm is especially important in winter driving. The unpredictable weather we face during the winter can compromise driving conditions.

Protect yourself and your loved ones this winter by investing in a ceramic coating glass treatment.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

If you're new to auto detailing, you may be wondering what exactly a ceramic coating is.

Ceramic coatings are a liquid polymer protective coating that uses nanotechnology to bind to the surface of your vehicle acting as a barrier from the elements. They protect your vehicle from minor abrasions, UV damage, water spots, and chemical stains.

Not only do ceramic coatings possess protective qualities, they also make cleaning your vehicle a breeze. The hydrophobic coating allows water beading to roll off the car with ease, leaving behind a shiny surface free of stains.

Gone are the days of scrubbing at that pesky water stain with a microfibre towel.

They are a low-maintenance way to protect your vehicle and investment.

The Benefits of a WINDOW Coating

The hydrophobic nanostructure of a ceramic coating provides a smooth surface that is difficult for water, dirt, and other pollutants to stick to.

This means that the unpredictable snow and rain sleet will have a harder time sticking to windows, improving your visibility.

Not only does a ceramic coating help your windshield stay clean longer, but it also makes it easier to clean. Ceramic coatings prevent contaminants such as bug splatter, tree sap, and bird droppings from caking to the windshield.

They also help to extend the life of your windshield wipers. Ceramic coated windows are more water repellent than their non coated counterparts, the hydrophobicity reduces the need to use your wipers.

Safety First

One of the biggest benefits of ceramic coated windows is enhanced clarity while driving. Coated windows repel water from condensation and rain. High-quality ceramic coatings applied by professionals, leave behind no residue fog or film.

As ceramic coatings are UV resistant, they also help to reduce the glare. This anti-glare function also comes in handy when driving in the dark, shielding your eyes from the light glare.