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How to Care for Your Ceramic Coated Car: Maintenance Tips

If you’re interested in car care and protecting your vehicle, you’ve probably heard the term ceramic coating.

Ceramic coatings and paint protection film are two of the most popular automotive paint protection options on the market.

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic coatings are a transparent, liquid polymer coating that uses nanotechnology to bind to the paint of your car protecting it from minor abrasions, UV damage, water spots, and chemical stains.

Not only do ceramic coatings help your car look great, it makes cleaning your vehicle a much smoother process, as well. Why? Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic (water-repelling) properties that allow you to clean your car with ease.

Should I Try DIY Ceramic Coating at Home?

Now, it may be tempting to try applying a ceramic coating to your car at home. The truth is, DIY ceramic coatings are difficult to apply and will incur a hefty bill if applied incorrectly.

When looking for a high quality, ceramic coating it’s always best to leave it to the pros.

Maintaining a ceramic coated car is crucial in extending the longevity of the coating. To make the most out of your ceramic coatings, here are some easy to follow, coating maintenance tips you can do at home after getting your car coated.

Tip #1: Wash Your Car

A build-up of environmental contaminants and debris will damage and prematurely wear down the ceramic coating.

In order to properly maintain your shiny new ceramic coating, wash the vehicle every two weeks. This will help prevent a build-up of contaminants on the car’s exterior.

Have your car professionally detailed or hand wash your vehicle using the two bucket wash method with grit guards. Automatic car washes are far too abrasive and will leave swirl marks and damage your car's paint. Always use a microfiber towel to dry your car, air drying can result in annoying water spots.

Remember to always use a specialty car soap or shampoo that is designed for ceramic coated vehicles.

Automotive-specific soaps do not contain harsh abrasive chemicals that will damage your car's exterior. Using soap with the wrong pH balance can result in chemical staining and will damage your ceramic coating.

Pro Tip: When washing the vehicle, use a separate bucket and mitts for the wheels. Tires and wheels collect brake dust, debris, and other corrosive contaminants. Make sure you use a separate bucket and mitt to avoid cross-contamination.

Tip #2: Avoid Direct Sunlight

When possible, avoid direct sunlight as it causes heat, which in return, causes contaminants to dry up and adhere to the surface of your car. It can cause environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, and tree sap to harden to your car's surface, making them difficult to remove.

In the event of stuck-on contaminants, always soak and loosen with water, then wash the car with a pH neutral car shampoo. Don’t forget to wipe dry with a microfibre cloth to prevent water spots.

Be especially mindful of the sun, when washing your car. The ideal time to wash your ceramic coated car is in the early morning or early evening when the sun is at its lowest levels. Washing your car under the hot dry sun can cause the water spots and streaking.

Pro Tip: The only time parking in direct sunlight is good for your ceramic coated car is the 24 hours following the coating. During this time, the heat and sunlight can help seal in and strengthen the curing process of the ceramic coating.

Tip #3: Park Inside

If given the option, always park inside. Parking outside leaves your car unprotected against the elements, causing the ceramic coating to break down faster. It exposes your vehicle to environmental contaminants, such as acid rain and squashed bugs. These contaminants leave behind residue that is harmful to your ceramic coating.

In order to preserve shine, and get the most out of your ceramic coating, always try to park indoors. Although car covers can be helpful in protecting your vehicle from the elements, they do not protect your car from dust and other small particle contaminants. Be sure to wash your car bi-weekly, to make your ceramic coating last longer.

Signs Your Ceramic Coating Needs a Little TLC

The most prevalent sign of a worn-out ceramic coating is the loss of shine.

Neglecting your ceramic coating will gradually decrease the showroom shine that ceramic coatings are famous for. Your car will lose that beautiful glass-like shine if the coating is not properly maintained.

Reduced hydrophobic qualities are also a sign of worn-out ceramic coatings. On well-maintained ceramic coated surfaces, contaminants such as dirt and hard water slide right off without caking to your car.

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