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How to Choose a Ceramic Coating: Pro vs. At Home

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

So, you’ve done your research about the benefits of ceramic coatings —how they offer UV ray protection, prevent colour fading, and protect from acid rain. You’re well-versed in the self-cleaning, antifouling, and anti-vandalizing properties in ceramic coats. You’re ready to bring back that glass-like “showroom” shine!

With the recent increase in demand for ceramic coatings, there are many new options available on the market, from professional-level ceramic coatings to at-home; entry-level DIY’s.

But! The last thing you want is for your vehicle to become one of those “ceramic coating gone wrong” horror stories floating around on the internet.

DIY disaster: ceramic coating gone wrong! | How to Choose a Ceramic Coating: Pro vs. At Home
DIY disaster: ceramic coating gone wrong! | How to Choose a Ceramic Coating: Pro vs. At Home

So, is DIY ceramic coating worth it? What are the best ceramic coating products for cars in 2020?

Wetwerks Auto Spa has created a simple “How to Choose a Ceramic Coating” guide for you. In this article, we’ll be covering all the benefits of professional ceramic coatings vs. DIY ceramic coating methods used at home.

Top 3 Things to Consider for Car Ceramic Coatings

To begin, let’s consider the most important question of all: How do you find the best ceramic coating for your vehicle that’s fit for you?

Here are three crucial things to consider when choosing a ceramic coating for your vehicle:

  1. Cost Efficiency

  2. Ease of Installation

  3. Product Quality

1. Which Is The Most Cost Efficient?

Ceramic coatings are an investment, but using the wrong coating or applying the coating incorrectly could actually end up costing you more in the future.

How so?

If applied poorly -- your car’s coating will need to be stripped via a polish, and/or a wet sanding procedure. This means your vehicle now requires a multi-stage polish, which is both timely and costly, and then it will need to be re-coated, all of which can incur a hefty invoice for you.

On the other hand, if a ceramic coating is applied correctly, with the right tools and products, ceramic coatings can last a lifetime and offer long-lasting protection. You’ll need a professional auto detailing shop that can ensure the standard of ceramic coating which will help you save time and money in the long run.

TLDR: A ceramic coating is an upfront investment that yields long-term protection for your car. If applied correctly, a ceramic coating saves you time & money on washing, waxing, and paint correction. Mistakes in the application will end up costing you more in the long run.

2. How Easy Is It To Install?

The installation of a ceramic coating is a long and tedious process; most of the work being done in the preparation phase.

The car must first go through a deep cleanse, including a hand wash, decontamination, clay bar treatment; followed by a multi-step paint correction, and a final polish before the coating can be applied. (The preparation in itself takes roughly an average of 10-12 hours for a sedan!)

During the cleaning process, it is important to be wary of what chemicals are in the solvents, as they can react when mixed with the ceramic coating. The surface must be clean and contaminant-free before the coating is applied -- if the car is not properly prepped, the coating can flash and seal imperfections and will leave visible coating residue behind.

Aside from protecting your car’s paint, ceramic coatings on windows, wheels, and the interior are important too! It’s also important to note that not all ceramic coatings are safe to use on all surfaces. Installing ceramic coatings properly takes time, patience, and skill.

At Wetwerks Auto Spa, we use System X Ceramic Coating, adorned by auto enthusiasts around the world. We offer a variety of ceramic coatings, installed by trained, and experienced professionals.

3. Quality, quality, quality!

When choosing the right ceramic coating, it is important to consider the quality of the product. There are many options available online, but not all are authentic. You’ll want to make sure to check out all the customer reviews and testimonials to get a good idea of how the ceramic coating product may look for your vehicle.

Just like how we offer it here at Wetwerks Auto Spa in Vancouver, professional-level ceramic coatings are always backed by product warranty. DIY kits offer no warranty, nor do they offer after-sales customer service. If damage occurs to your car during the DIY application process, you will have to cover the costs of removal and reapplication.

Professional coatings are only sold to accredited installation centers that are highly trained with the preparation and installations of ceramic coatings resulting in harder, longer-lasting protection for your vehicle. Wetwerks is a certified and licensed vendor of System X Ceramic Coating products.

Ceramic coatings in DIY kits are consumer grade and often only sold enough for a single layer, thus resulting in not so durable protection. As such, it’s clear that car owners should always opt for professional ceramic coating services if you’re looking for long-lasting protection performed by seasoned techs for your vehicle.

Need Professional Ceramic Coating? Wetwerks Vancouver is Here to Help.

At Wetwerks Autospa, we use top-of-the-line, System X Ceramic Coatings with 9H nanotechnology. System X Automotive products are 100% made in the U.S and are Boeing-aircraft tested and approved. System X offers tough protection with extreme gloss, but you can rest assured, as our coatings are also backed by both a product and installation warranty!

To request a quote for your next ceramic coating installation, please call us at (604) 671-7844 or email us at info@wetwerksautospa.com. For more information on auto ceramic coatings in Vancouver, please visit us at wetwerksautospa.com.