The Magic of System X: Best Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2021

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

The Magic of System X: Best Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2021
The Magic of System X: Best Nano Ceramic Coating for Cars in 2021

Magic is real - and it happens when the perfect ceramic coating is applied onto your vehicle.

Vancouver car owners, if you’re looking for the best professional ceramic coating for cars in the lower mainland, look no further than right here at Wetwerks Auto Spa and experience the magic of System X ceramic coating by Element119.

Why should you choose System X ceramic protection for your car? Keep on reading to discover the magic of System X, the best ceramic coating for cars in 2021.

What Is System X Automotive Ceramic Coating?

System X Ceramic Protection is a liquid polymer coating that uses advanced surface chemistry (nanotech surface protection technology) to bond to your vehicle’s paint work and helps restore your car’s surface with an undeniable and unparalleled showroom shine.

System X car care can be applied on all surface material types, including: steel, aluminum, leather vinyl, fabric, carpet, and glass, offering the most intensive layer protection on the market as recommended by industry professionals.

System X’s nanotech solution’s hydrophobic properties also help to repel water, which makes it easier to wash your car as it allows dirt and contaminants to wash off more easily. The coating helps to prevent contaminants from adhering to your vehicle’s paint, preventing dirt and grime from building on your car’s paint work.

What Is The Use Of Ceramic Coating On Cars?

Black Porsche - System X Ceramic Coating | Wetwerks Auto Spa (Vancouver, BC)
Porsche paintwork corrected and protected with Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating acts as a base coat, or a scratch-resistant protective layer to help protect your paint from bird droppings, acid rain, water spots, swirl marks, scratches and other surface paint damage.

This all helps to prevent aging and discolouration of your car’s paint, and protect your vehicle from salt or sand, exhaust, pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture and UV ray damage.

Why Choose System X Ceramic Coating?

Now, you may be wondering, what makes System X the best ceramic coating for cars in 2020? Why choose System X?

Proven to be 1600 times stronger than a traditional car wax, System X ceramic coating provides your vehicle with a professional, intense gloss like never before. It can create a semi-permanent glossy shell on the full exterior surface of your vehicle, except over any rubber or soft plastic.

Trusted by brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Sikorsky and Prevost, System X is used by auto detailers and car owners in 50+ countries worldwide. Why do auto detailers and drivers around the world love System X Automotive Ceramic Protection? We like to let the results speak for themselves.

Just listen to the reviews of our ceramic coating services, from our amazing customers:

During the process, Glen sent me updates via Instagram and showed me the before and after pics of the polishing job. I was stunned when I saw how much the swirls had disappeared. Also, for a single stage paint job, it’s often very tricky to polish as the paint and clear coat is the same layer. Major props to Glen at Wetwerks for making my car look like it just came off the line from Mazda. The best part I felt was that he also completed a photo shoot of the car after the paint job, like a boudoir shoot for guys. I highly recommend Wetwerks and the ceramic coating has made my neck sore from looking back at my car.

- Billy Lam (Vancouver, BC) [Google