Authorized System X Ceramic Coating Services Vancouver | Wetwerks Auto Spa

You deserve only the best.

Enthusiasts and car owners from around the world choose System X Automotive Ceramic Coating for protection.


Quite simply, System X is trusted by professionals and customers to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness and brilliance.

System X Ceramic Coating Services Vancouver | Wetwerks Auto Spa
  • LONG-LASTING BEAUTY WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE - The unique formula of System X locks in long-lasting beauty with ultra-clean surfaces and provides high gloss retention. Ceramic Coating greatly reduces time and expenses related to ongoing care and maitenance.

  • PROTECTION FROM CHEMICALS - From salt to sand, exhaust fumes, pollutants, dead insects contaminants, moisture and UV rays, your car is vulnerable to element-related corrosion. When System X bonds with your paint's substrate, the Ceramic Coating provides a semi-permanent protection that won't wash off like wax, polish or sealant - ensuring years and even up to a lifetime of paint protection.

  • UV RAY PROTECTION - The sun is relenlless in its assault on your car's appearance. System X provides maximum UV ray protection for paint, to prevent damage from aging, fading and oxidation.

  • APPLICATION VERSATILITY - System X products are specifically formulated to enable application on virtually all dirt and corrosion-prone surfaces of your car. This means powerful protection for everything from steel, aluminium, leather, vinyl, fabric and glass.