Tesla paint protection 

Wetwerks Auto Spa Vancouver is the ultimate destination for Tesla paint protection. 

sacrificial layer between your Tesla car paint and road debris, 

Tesla Services- FAQ

What types of services are available for my new Tesla? I add a new question?

We offer the following services for Tesla: paint protection film, ceramic coating, vinyl wrap, partial & full chrome deletes, window tinting, brakes callipers repainting and wheel repair & repainting.

What is the difference between Partial & Full Chrome Deletes?

Partial chrome deletes only cover the window trims and the side mirror trims. A full chrome delete will provide complete coverage of all chrome trims.

Does your shop tint the rear oversized Tesla windows in one piece?

Yes, we are one of the few shops that can tint the rear window without a seam.

My black Tesla doesn’t look as new anymore, what can you do about that?

We specialize in jet-black paint corrections and can guarantee we can bring your black Tesla paintwork back to better than new condition.

Do you offer other colours other than red for caliper repaints?

Yes, we offer 4 standard colours for brake caliper repaints (black, blue, red & yellow)

Can you apply ceramic coating on top of PPF?

Yes, this enhances the PPF’s gloss and increases the longevity of the film’s durability as it helps in keeping your PPF clean.